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With enticing aromas and layers of dark, concentrated earthy flavors, this Syrah brings the Rhone style to the desert. This Syrah pairs well with dry, crisp cheeses as well as BBQ pork and a nice, grilled fatty steak. Roasted duck or grilled, braised or roasted Lamb pairs exceptionally well. Strong flavored fish such as Tuna or Salmon work well with Syrah when it is grilled or barbequed to bring out the body and earthy flavors of the wine. 

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SKU: 2015 Syrah

Explore the difference of exceptional wines made from unique grapes produced in a award-winning sustainable winery. Surrounded by majestic mountains, the beauty of this modern rustic style winery is just as stunning as the wines it produces. By procuring prized grapes from Arizona, New Mexico, and California, Winemaker Lisa Strid blends the essence of exceptional terroir ranging from the desert to the California coast. Using cutting edge winery equipment, we handcraft complex and balanced wines, which express the aromatic profile of what can only be made in Arizona.


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