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Asparagus Quiche With Mint

Asparagus Quiche With Mint
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An aspargaus and mint tart with eggs, milk and cheese. This quiche is good served hot or cold, but in this summer Arizona heat, my preference is cold. It's easy unless you like to make your own pie crust (a challenge for me; my Mom has baled me out on pie crust from time to time. I just use crusts from the store...) It is good with both the 2016 Sauv Blanc, or with the 2016 Muscat, which pairs very well with the mint. Cooking time will vary with you altitute; make sure the filling is set.
  • lb asparagus, about the size of you index finger, with heads kept whole and the rest chopped into quarter inch bits

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Bring a pot of water to the boil (you will be seaming the asparagus in this).  Prick the bttom of the pie crust and cook ifor at least 20 minutes, until starting to brown.  Then remove the oven and place on a rack, but don't turn off the oven.

Chop the aspaprus, and keep the heads whole and separate.




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