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Brats & Sauerkraut

Brats & Sauerkraut
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Brats resemble hot-dogs, only heartier, both in shape and taste. For less gluten and fewer calories, many people leave out the bun. From Memorial Day to Oktoberfest (and at our house even beyond),brats are a popular and easy treat. They can be grilled on the backyard BBQ, or in the air-conditioned comfort of your kitchen. Aridus Viognier pairs wonderfully with the sauerkraut. Some of us prefer Oktoberfest sausage, but others the pre-cooked, low-fat chicken and apple brats. Pre-cooked brats only need to be warmed and browned; raw sausage requires a longer cooking time. There is a wonderful variety of brats out there to discover. Have fun picking your favorite, but double-check on the package for cooking instructions.
  • 8 Brats
  • 8 Buns. you can use hot dog buns or kaiser rolls. If the inside is lightly toasted, the bum holds up better to the brat and the juice from the sauerkraut


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