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Lisa Strid
December 18, 2017 | Lisa Strid

These are a few of my favorite tools... 3

Any of you who have visited me at the winery know that I'm inordinately excited by lab work.  A large component of that is having good tools to work with.  In this installment of my favorite tools, let me introduce you to some of the great items in the Aridus lab.

Here we have an assortment of serological pipettes.  I use these frequently when I'm putting together blends-- they allow me to be extremely precise in dialing in exactly the percentages of each component that I want.

This is my -45 degree freezer.  I store our malolactic cultures and a few specialty yeasts in here.  The alternative is using freeze-dried cultures.  I prefer these deep frozen cultures, because I find them to be more viable than freeze-dried.

Finally, this is our Oenofoss unit.  All it takes is 0.6 mL of wine to tell me everything I want to know about it from a chemical standpoint-- alcohol percentage, residual sugar, titratable acidity... It's a very handy piece of equipment if you're interested in tracking as much analytical data as possible about your wines!


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