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Lisa Strid
June 12, 2017 | Lisa Strid

These are a few of my favorite tools...

The tools around the winery are one of my favorite parts of the job.  There's seemingly a specialized tool for every task.  Here are a few of my favorites, and their uses!

Wine thieves -  glass and stainless steel

These are used for sampling barrels-- you pull the bung out of the barrel, dip the sanitized wine theif in, put your thumb over the hole at the top, and voila!  You can pull out a sample.  I always use a stainless steel one, because *fun fact* I've broken every single glass wine thief I've ever used.  I'm just that clumsy.

Sponge Balls

They're not nerf balls-- they're specialized sponges that we use for cleaning hoses.  You string all your hoses together, hook them up to a pump and a tub of cleaning liquid, then let the pump push a sponge ball through the whole setup.  Anything that might have built up inside the hose gets scrubbed out.


We use these to securely hold fittings on tanks-- valves, hoses, etc.  What I really like about this little thing, though, is that if you practice a little bit, you can flick one into place with one hand and look super cool.  If you're here at the winery some time, ask me and I'll teach you how.


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