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Lisa Strid
May 15, 2017 | Lisa Strid

Favorite Wines - Oh Rosé!

Hi Everyone.  Today is a special day for me.  An anniversary.

I moved here to work at Aridus exactly one year ago today.  My partner, Riley, and I rolled up to the home in Tucson that we'd left when I started my wine career, dog and the boxes upon boxes from our wine cellar in tow.  It was 7 pm, and the sky was putting on one of those magnificent sunsets that take up the whole of the firmament out here in the Sonoran Desert. We let the dog out, and unloaded all the wine.  When we were done, the sky had darkened and the stars were out.  I drank a Pacifico and stuck my feet in the pool.

This year, though, I'm not drinking Pacifico.  And I'm not just dangling my feet in the pool.  This year, I'm cannonballing in, and I'm drinking rosé.  But not just any rosé.  I'm drinking the rosé that I made last harvest for Aridus.  I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I really, really like this wine.

My favorite rosés are from France.  But not just from France-- from Provence.  But not just from Provence-- from Bandol.  What is Bandol, you ask?  Bandol is a region in France that is particularly known for its wines crafted from Mourvedre.  They produce reds, and some of the best rosés in the world.  The rosés must be at least 50% Mourvedre (though the best use more), with Grenache and Cinsault making up the rest of the blend.  If you happen upon one, especially one from Domaine Tempier, I highly recommend you try it.

Or... you could drink ours.  It's 68% Mourvedre, and 32% Grenache.  We macerated on the Mourvedre skins for two days before pressing them off, and the Grenache we pressed immediately.  We blended the juices shortly thereafter and started fermentation, long and cool.  Fermentation lasted 15 days, at which point we chilled the tank down to arrest fermentation at 1.3% residual sugar.  After settling, we racked off lees into 57% neutral oak, and 43% new French oak.  The rosé stayed in barrel for 4 months before bottling.  It's been in bottle for three months now, since we bottled it on February 23rd.  And now it's drinking beautifully.  Just in time to quench your thirst.  Put down the Pacifico!  I think you'll prefer this.


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