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Lisa Strid
June 18, 2018 | Lisa Strid

Favorite Wines - Shhhhhh.... it's Shiraz (aka Syrah)

It may be a controversial statement, but I will take a glass of Syrah over Cabernet Sauvignon any day of the week.  What can I say?  Your typical Cab delivers exactly what you'd expect from it, but Syrahs tend to surprise me more.  Lucky me-- Syrah tends to grow well here in Arizona, and they are some of my favorite wines from the area.

Syrah probably originates just east of the Northern Rhone Valley in France, as it is the offspring of the relatively obscure varieties Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza, both of which have been grown in the Isere region where a natural cross begat Syrah.  And in an interesting turn of a few events, this also makes Pinot Noir the great-grandparent of Syrah, and Viognier likely Syrah's half sibling (the family tree is a little more murky on the Viognier side).

Syrah tends to be a quick-ripening variety, which is actually lucky for us here in Arizona, because we want sugars and tannins to ripen at approximately the same rate, so a grape with speedy tannin ripening is a blessing.  Syrah also tends to have soft, plush tannins, which makes it a very approachable wine early on.  I love really peppery versions of the wine, but I also appreciate the wild gaminess and ripe to jammy berry notes that Syrah can exhibit.  Even in the dead heat of summer, I can't turn down a Syrah.

As of writing this, we have about 60 cases of our 2015 Syrah left, and we have our 2016 Syrah waiting in the wings with no release date set as yet.  I like both of these vintages in their own right, with the 2015 skewing a bit more towards a savory brined olive flavor, and the 2016 having a bit more ripeness and tar.  Stop by the tasting room if you have a chance to get a taste of the 2015, and be on the lookout for a fall or winter release for our 2016.  And by all means, if you open a bottle, invite me over.  ;)


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