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Lisa Strid
December 25, 2017 | Lisa Strid

Favorite Wines - Christmas Edition!

Merry Christmas!

As many of you know, just because it's Arizona doesn't mean it's not cold.  Sure, we may not have snow here in the southern part of the state, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a big, red wine by the fire.

It may be cliched, but to me, Christmas is all about port.  Back when I was at Gallo, my manager would occasionally head down to one of our more secluded facilities and bring back a case or two of the port she had made years earlier and stashed there for safekeeping.  It was made of Tannat, a grape that is aptly named due to its high tannin content.  All that tannin and the high alcohol from the fortification allowed it to age gracefully, tasting better and better with each year.  

I've currently got one bottle left.  One, unlabelled, green glass bottle tucked into the back of the wine rack.  I'm not sure if I'll open it this year, or if I'll go out and buy something a little less nostalgic.  As I type this out, I think I've got my answer-- I'll keep that one-of-a-kind bottle.  Christmas is a special occasion, sure, but I think I'd better wait until I can be sure to savor the memories.  (Beth, if you ever see this, you can always feel free to send me another one or two of that port...)

What will you all be drinking this holiday season?


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