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Aridus Wine Co

When will these changes take effect?
July 1st will be when these take effect

How will I be able to upgrade my tier?
Please email to get the changes set into place.

Do I get my members discount on wine on sale?
No, we have already marked that wine down to a sale price. 

Will my tastings roll over if I don't use all of them the previous month?
No, tastings will not rollover if not used.

Is there a fee to join the wine club?
No. It is 100% free to join.

Which carrier does Aridus use for deliveries?
We use UPS only.

In the past I was able to get my wine delivered via FedEx what changed?
We are now using a different platform to process our shipments. They work exclusively with UPS.

Can I substitute a 5oz glass of wine for my free tastings?
No, this is not allowed. 

Is there an early cancellation fee?
Yes, there is an early cancellation fee if you have not yet met your two shipment minimum. 

What is the cancellation fee amount?
If you have not met at least one shipment there will be a $200.00 cancellation fee. If you have met one shipment but not the second there will be a $100.00 cancellation fee. Upon revision of your membership, reimbursment of club perks may be required. 

Does Aridus do summer shipping?
Yes, we do summer shipping. We do require the wine to be in a special summer shipper as well as overnight shipping. We only send out 2 bottles or 6 bottles per shipments. 

Can I use my allotted wine tastings with friends?
Yes, you can use them with friends. 

What happens when I use up all my allotted tastings?
You will be able to purchase your tastings and recieve your corresponding tier discount.

How do I schedule my winery tour?
You will need to contact at least two weeks prior to request a date and time for the tour. 

Is there a deposit for my tour?
Yes, we will require a deposit for the tour.

If I'm a member do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, the deposit will be $15.00 per peron attending. Which will be refunded at the time you arrive at the facilty.

Will I be able to taste the Barrel Select wines in the tasting rooms?
We will be having set dates when we will be sampling these wines. Keep an eye out for these emails.

Will there be an added charge to sample Barrel Select wines?
There will be a flat fee that will be charged per person for these tastings. (club member discounts will not be applied)

Why is the Tank Series being seperated from the other Wine Clubs?
Our Tank Series is a stand alone brand.

Do I get free Arizona shipping on a non-club order?
No, the free AZ shipping only applies to Club Shipments.

Who do I need to contact to cancel my club membership?
You will need to contact our wine club manager to get this processed, a written request is required for any cancellation. It can be sent via email to or via USPS to: 1126 N. Haskell Ave. Willcox, AZ 85643

Why does it have to be a written request?
This is to protect the member if for some reason there any inconsistencies in the future. We will be able to have this logged. 

Can I put my membership on hold?
Yes, we can do a membership hold for up to 3 months. 

Will I still be able to use my perks if my membership is on hold?
No, you will not be elgible for any perks while the membership is on hold. 







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